Who is organizing this event?

Art in Secret is organized by the Evolve Company.  Evolve is an international alternative arts, culture and communications company based in the United Arab Emirates. Evolve supports local and international humanitarian projects that work to promote artists and disadvantaged art communities. For more information, visit www.evolveevents.me


Where is the event held?

The event is being hosted by the Showcase Gallery in Alserkal Avenue, in Al Quoz, Dubai. 


Can I view the artwork without visiting the exhibition?

No, the art will only be available for viewing in Showcase Gallery during the event.  You have got to come!


Can you buy the artworks after the show is over on the 21st?

The artworks will be available for purchase only during the event hours from the 18th - 21st of January, 2016.


Do I need to register to buy the artwork or enter the event?

No registration is required, neither for attendance or purchase of artwork.  Please feel free to come by anytime!

How many artworks can I buy?

There is no limit to the number of pieces you can take home!  Please buy as many artworks as call to you.


Once in the event, what is the process for purchasing artwork?

Each art work at the event will be numbered between 1-100.  Once you have selected the artwork you would like to purchase, make note of the card number.  Give it to the attendant at the sales desk, and they will help to process your purchase.


Can I pay by card?

You can, but there's a small surcharge for credit and debit cards.  Cash is the preferred method of payment.


I have purchased an art piece.  When can I take it home?

You can take your piece home immediately after purchase.


Who are some of the acclaimed artists showing work at the event?

Contributing artists include Fereydoun Ave, Farah Ossouli, Abdulla Lufti, Koorosh Shishegaran, Ali Akbar Sadeghi, Babak Yaghooti, Fatma Lootah, and Amartey Golding.


How often do Art in Secret events occur?

This is the ever first Art in Secret exhibition! We plan to host the event once annually with your support and participation.